Squash Flowers

This is my first year growing squash and it’s been a great learning experience. I am growing Sweet Dumpling Squash . It’s a sweet winter squash similar to butternut or delicata. It’s also fairly hardy as I’ve almost dehydrated it to death on more than one occasion. I noticed something else the other day and that is that they have both female and male flowers. The plants have been producing more male flowers than female so it took me a while to realize this. The bees can’t seem to get enough of the female squash flowers and I often will find two or three in one flower.

Male Flower


Female Flower

Female Squash Flower





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  1. Joy Avatar

    I love these flowers ! … I used to attempt frowing pumpkins (small ones) from a pot .. letting the vine creep on the deck .. the flowers would be amazing .. but the poor pumpkins just didn’t make it … your flower pictures reminded me of them .. thank you !

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