The New Garden Villain Green Catapillars

IMG_6419.JPGI have a new garden enemy, ugly isn’t he? I had a few last year but this year, I am finding them in greater numbers. They have been eating the leaves of my sage, mint, bean and even my beloved tomatoes. I’ve manually looking for them and then picking them off. They are tricky little buggers and even the smallest ones seems to do a great deal of damage. I may have to obtain some Bacillus thuringiens which is a naturally occurring bacteria that kills guys like him.






4 responses to “The New Garden Villain Green Catapillars”

  1. Jenny Avatar

    Oh, ugh. Good luck getting rid of those guys!

  2. Katie Avatar

    We saw a Robin eating caterpillars off our our peppers yesterday. Thank goodness for the birds!

    1. nkristis Avatar

      Nice, I like it when nature helps out in the garden. Now send those robins my way. 🙂

  3. Momisodes Avatar

    Although that is quite an incredible shot, I would FREAK if I had those crawling around in my garden. You are so brave.

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