One of the new crops I grew this year were carrots. I’ve read from other gardeners that the bland store bought carrots cannot compare to the rich taste of home grown carrots. They weren’t kidding. Home grown carrots have this beautiful rich flavor and aroma. I made two mistakes with carrots this year. The first was not being patient and pulling a few too early and the second was not planting more of them. I find they lose their flavor if they sit around so I prefer to pull them as I need them.
Picture 041
I grew two varieties, Tonda di Parigi is a french heirloom carrot. They grow to be golf ball sized. It can grow in a variety of soils and either in pots in the ground. The second one I grew was Royal Chantenay carrot and it should be 6-8 inches when full grown. The flavor of these were especially sweet. I can’t wait to grow them again in the fall.






3 responses to “Carrots”

  1. Karen Avatar

    Ack, I am so behind, I hope if I plant this week I will still get a few before the frost. Yours is so cute! Yes, nothing could be sweeter than a fresh-pulled carrot.

  2. Jenny Avatar

    Hooray for garden-grown carrots! I’m glad you like them. I had to start over with half of mine so they’ll be a little later this year, but I’ve still got some small ones going that I’m looking forward to pulling when the time comes.

    1. nkristis Avatar

      It was your site that made me want to try them, thanks.

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