Arugula Flowers

It was 95 degrees for three straight days in a row this week. Surprising the only plants to bolt were the Rocket Arugula. They sprout these small off-white flowers. I like the delicate line on the petals.
The weather changed dramatically today and we even had a spot of unpredicted rain. I hope it stays a little more spring like for a while. I prefer my hot weather in June not April.







5 responses to “Arugula Flowers”

  1. bangchik Avatar

    At first glance, I thought ladys finger open up and release beautiful white flower….. I love the white hairs on stems… sparse and spectacular!! ~ cheers….. bangchik at blotanical

    1. nkristis Avatar

      Thank you, it’s nice to hear from you.

  2. Karen Avatar

    Oh, mine are bolting here too and it hasn’t even hit 70 yet. They like to do that. 🙂 You know you can eat the flowers in salads, right? Kinda spicy.

    1. nkristis Avatar

      I think arugula and broccoli raab especially like to do that to me.
      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Blackswampgirl Kim Avatar

    I agree–both on the prettiness of the arugula flowers and on having your how weather in the summer instead of in April! I think that my Facebook status for Sunday was something like, “Kim keeps reminding herself that this is April, not June… crazy weather!” 🙂

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