Happy Inauguration Day

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to watch an inauguration. I wish I could have been there on such a momentous occasion but I figured the next best thing was watching it with people I loved. We stayed home from work today and watched the entire ceremony from start to finish. While I normally don’t drink champagne during the day, we had to pop open a bottle when the new president was announced. I hope next year will bring about positive changes for all of us.






4 responses to “Happy Inauguration Day”

  1. Barry Avatar

    I like your blog and hope to spend more time poking around. I am envious of your fresh greens in January… it’s snowing on Cape Cod again…

    I could not agree more with your post about our new President. I listened to the swearing in on NPR on my way home from my morning job and ran in the house to watch the speech.


  2. jodi Avatar

    I’m a Canadian…and I cried and cheered and laughed and cried more (happy tears) all day. And still am doing so. Hope is a wonderful thing!

  3. Julie Avatar

    Oh…Champagne would have been wonderful! We had several viewing areas set up at our workplace…a bunch of us were in a room with a movie screen, so it was nice. We took our lunches in and all clapped and hooted when appropriate! It was so inspiring and moving. I feel good about our future with him for our leader!

  4. Momisodes Avatar

    Watching it all unfold today was amazing, and I too hope, that tomorrow will be the start to a bright, new beginning for this country.

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