Happy 2009: Gardening Update

It’s been an interesting winter. My usually successful crop of spinach has been devastated by the Davis version of Ratatouille. They have also been snacking on the occasional greens and my broccoli raab seedlings. However, they won’t touch the invincible chard.
If you don’t believe me, notice the rather large holes under the fence. These holes appear and I stuff them with mint but they just burrow a new one the next evening. Needless to say it’s been rather frustrating. I’m doing the winter sowing technique of covering them with soda bottles to keep them protected.

The rest of the garden is doing pretty well, in another part of the yard I do have some beautiful heads of lettuce.
I have also started my dwarf sugar pea seedlings.
My garlic and shallots are starting to show at a much slower rate than last year. I think this is a good sign that they are developing big bulbs for the summer.
I also have a few surviving broccoli raab seedlings. I can’t wait to try these. IMG_5925.JPG
I am also growing carrots with a mix of baby spinach. IMG_5930.JPG
We are also really enjoying the Japanese mustard called Mizuna. It’s a pretty plant, and it gives the salads a nice kick. It also grow incredibly well. But it must be kept in a pot or it will spread. IMG_5859.JPG
I’m currently looking forward to my spring garden. I have accumulated a lot of seeds and can’t wait to get started.

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