Hazy Shade of Winter

We have been completely without rain for over a month. Instead we have deep foggy weather that leaves everything damp. It’s almost like we are living in a cloud. This morning was probably the worst I’ve seen with every surface dripping from the condensation. I had thought it might of rained but no it was just the fog. It was so damp this morning that by noon the plants still had drops of moisture all over them. It looks like all of this might change, next week they predict rain showers. But we shall see the weather man does enjoy toying with my emotions.

Little Marvel Dwarf Peas


Rose Bush







8 responses to “Hazy Shade of Winter”

  1. Akmed Avatar

    Thanks for this. http://notsocrafty.com/ is now in my feed reader, I’ll keep and eye out for your next story. I like the layout of your site, nice and clean and easy to read. Thakns.

  2. Katherine Avatar

    What beautiful photos!

  3. Simon Avatar

    Wow, really nice shots!

  4. Julie Avatar

    These are just stunning pictures with the water droplets on them!

  5. Momisodes Avatar

    Wow! You weren’t kidding.
    Those are some wonderful shots. It’s nice to see things in bloom over there. Everything is dried and brown here due to the chilly winter temps.

  6. Katie Avatar

    Great shots! This living in a cloud thing has been interesting….

  7. Karen Avatar

    OK, whatever camera you have, I want one for Xmas! Well, and the good photographer’s eye to go with it, somehow I think that might be less likely to fit under the tree… Hope you get the rain you wish for, but in the meantime those are gorgeous shots!

  8. ambika Avatar

    What amazing shots! You’re such a great photographer.

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