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The garden is in a transition phase so there isn’t much to report right now. However, I do have plenty of snails. Maybe I should be like these industrious people and farm snails for a living. While I don’t think I’ll be putting them on my table anytime soon, I do like the idea of using what’s in your backyard.

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  • OMG! He traumatized the little children! Can you imagine! My daughter is 19 and she would have a fit if I tried to cook snails! She loves snails as pets (outdoors)!!! LOLOL. I would love this free source of protein. I have ordered them cooked several ways, but my fav is in puff pastry, which you certainly could do even in your own kitchen! I may try it for my husband and I. Neat!

  • Ew! I had snails (to eat) once in Spain, on a dare, and I admit they were tasty (lots of white wine and garlic), but probably never again. They infest my garden, and I am heartless about squishing them. Crunch crunch!

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