Poppy’s are Popping Up

Simon's Poppys






4 responses to “Poppy’s are Popping Up”

  1. Karen Avatar

    Ain’t they the cutest? They grow like crazy weeds but I let them, just pull them up when they get in the way. I love their sunny faces and silky petals. They are gone for the winter but will be back in the spring here in Seattle!

  2. Sabina Avatar

    These are gorgeous — what wonderful color!!

  3. Alexis Avatar

    I’ve never seen yellow ones! Gorgeous!

  4. nkristis Avatar

    Karen: Yep, I just will randomly throw seeds down in the spring and they pop up unexpectedly.
    It’s nice to spot them growing in the wild.

    Sabina: Thank you.

    Alexis: Thanks for commenting, these are California poppies. They pop up everywhere.

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