Paperwhites Round One

My first batch of paperwhites (Narcissus Papyraceus) are just starting to bloom. They were a pleasant surprise when I went to make my coffee this morning. They look so cheerful on the kitchen windowsill. Once these expire I’m going to plant them in the yard for next year. I started this batch fairly early this year so I can continue to force more bulbs during winter. I think I’ll get more creative with the vases next time. I like to keep my eyes open for interesting bowls and cups at thrift stores.


4 thoughts on “Paperwhites Round One”

  • love paperwhites. I usually start them now so they will be in bloom by Christmas. I also force hyacinths. They bloom around February or March and fill the house with a powerful perfume. The hyacinths I plant in the garden, the paperwhites don’t make it through our cold winters.

  • My friend just asked me about paperwhites just today! What a timely post for me! Thanks. I will share your blog with her as well. These flowers are so crisp white, I just love them. I think my friend and I will try forcing some here also!!!

  • Jill: It’s great to hear from you. I tried forcing hyacinths last year and they showed up stunted and didn’t fully bloom. So this year I am just sticking with paperwhites inside but hyacinths outside. It’s great that you have such good luck with them.

    Patsi: Thank you, for coming by and commenting. It’s really easy to force paperwhite bulbs. Just place bulbs in a dish with shallow water and pebbles and in about six to eight weeks you have flowers.

    Julie: Thanks, you should try to force bulbs this year. They are so easy and such a treat.

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