The Last of the Summer Harvest

This was my beautiful, full basil plant just a few weeks ago. Wasn’t it beautiful? We got a lot of good use out of it this summer. Since we’ve had a few rain storms it’s not doing so well. I think I’m going to be experimenting with freezing and drying basil leaves this weekend.

Most Awesome Basil ever!

I have also been able to squeeze a few cherry tomatoes out of my last tomato plant. But I think he’s going to be following the basil into the compost heap this weekend. I just consider myself lucky that we are able to use them both for so long.

We used the last of the tomatoes and basil last night for Chicken Pesto. It was so delicious.
Has anyone had any luck freezing or storing basil plants or even just pesto?


3 thoughts on “The Last of the Summer Harvest”

  • I have had luck storing pesto in the freezer- put into ice cube trays, freeze and then put into plastic baggies and back in the freezer. Its not quite as tasty as fresh but still better than nothing. I have also kept basil cuttings in a glass of water on the kitchen counter for a long time, like a month. It eventually grew roots even! Probably won’t last all winter, but you can get a little more time out of it inside.

  • I have also heard of people freezing basil in ice cube trays and then just popping an ice cube into whatever they were cooking. Your basil plant looks so big and healthy. I started some from seed indoors this year and they looked great in the pot but never really took off once I put them outside.

  • I’ve frozen pesto in small containers and it worked out fine. I put basil into ice cubes with a little water and froze them, and the two I used turned out well.

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