A Nice Surprise

Last year I grew paperwhite bulbs indoors during the dreary winter months. I found contradictory information on what to do with the used forced paperwhite bulbs. A few sources suggested planting them in the ground but others said that a forced bulb uses so much energy that it can’t regenerate next year. Not wanting to waste them I planted them on the side of the house we don’t use very much and forgot all about them. I was cleaning up after the recent rain storm when I spotted these tall shoots coming from the ground. Not only did my paper white bulbs grow back but they multiplied. It will look so pretty when all of them start to bloom.







2 responses to “A Nice Surprise”

  1. themanicgardener Avatar

    So often the things that come up unexpectedly in our gardens are NOT ones we want there; how nice when they are!

  2. Julie Avatar

    Oh, how exciting! They will be so pretty!!! Can you dig them up once they bloom and bring them indoors??? That would be cool!

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