Owl Planter Update

I would like to thank all of your for your opinions and advice. Surprisingly, the majority of you felt that he should stay the bright orange color. I have to admit the color was starting to grow on me. I planted my old office pothos in the old owl and I think he looks 100% better. The fact that the pothos is also called the “Devil’s Ivy” made it seem more appropriate with the bright seasonal orange.
Orange Owl






6 responses to “Owl Planter Update”

  1. James Avatar

    I didn’t get to chime in, too busy – but I was hopin’ it would get to stay O.G. orange.

    Looks great.

  2. amy Avatar

    oh it looks fabulous dear!

  3. Julie Avatar

    I really love this owl color for the season! That must be why it grew on you so well at this time! Love the green pothos in it!!! I think this owl will bring you good fortune!!! COOL!

  4. Momisodes Avatar

    Oh wow! That looks fabulous! Great job on the great find and bringing it back to it’s former glory 🙂

  5. jill Avatar

    oh yes, i like the owl with the plant in it! they suit each other perfectly. i love houseplants, but admit i’m not so good at remembering to water them.

  6. Rayrena Avatar

    Oh, that orange really sets off the beautiful green. o happy you kept him as is 🙂

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