Calling All Gardeners! When Do You Pick a Lemon Cucumber?


I have to admit I cheated I live by a great nursery and I bought replacement plants of oregano and additional thyme. My thyme isn’t a failure it just grows very, very slowly and I want to make sure I have enough for cooking. After the cucumber plant died it was too late to try to grow one from seed and most garden places had stopped selling seedlings. I did however find one little lemon cucumber plant no bigger than my thumb. I placed it in a pot and initially I put it in the same bright, sunny location as the prior plant. The plant initially grew great however the leaves always looked wilted by noon. I moved the pot to partially shady area and it’s tripled in size in just a few weeks. It’s being trained to grow up using stakes and rope. The vine is now all the way to the roof.

Here is were I need your help, I have my first lemon cucumber growing. Last week it looked like a tiny little bulb but now it’s this nice round green baseball sized fruit. Lemon cucumbers are baseball sized and turn into a light yellow color. I’ve been reading conflicting advice on when to pick the fruit. Some experts say to pick the fruit early to avoid the plant growing too many seeds and making it less edible. Anyone out there have any advice? Should I pick this lovely cucumber now or wait until it turns yellow?







5 responses to “Calling All Gardeners! When Do You Pick a Lemon Cucumber?”

  1. James Avatar

    The ones I have eaten have a yellowish/white-ish look to them… but never grown any of my own.

    Good luck, they look awesome.

  2. Katie Avatar

    My father in law picks ’em when they’re yellowish-whitish. Pick one and see, that’s how you’ll know for next time!

  3. Cindy Avatar

    Hi. I was directed here by fellow blogger Julie. I just got my first lemon cucumbers in a CSA produce basket. I had never seen one before. They seemed to be very “mature” and seedy inside. I think you should try to pick at least one at a younger stage just to see how it is.

  4. Nancy Bond Avatar

    Better to pick it now while it’s at its prime than wait and have it seedy and tough. 🙂 Go for it…then share pics of it. I’ve honestly never seen one. 🙂

  5. nkristis Avatar

    Thanks everyone for you comments and suggestions. I picked it yesterday and I’ll give it a little taste test soon. I’ll keep you posted.

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