Isn’t She Lovely

Isn't She Lovely?

This Praying Mantis has taken up residence in my mint plant. It hides in the shady mint while snacking on the aphids and other bad insects. Praying mantis are beneficial insects that eat everything including each other if need be. They live for about a year and lay eggs in the winter. I spotted a number of tiny praying mantises in the spring and I still spot a few here and there. But this one if by far the largest and my favorite.

UPDATE Katie, from Gardenpunks suggested we have a little contest for naming the Praying Mantis. Please forward any and all suggestions and we can have vote at a later time.






4 responses to “Isn’t She Lovely”

  1. Katie Avatar

    What is this beauty’s name?

  2. Burgh Baby Avatar

    Wow! That is not at all what I was expecting to see when I clicked over. She is VERY lovely. Great photo!

  3. James Avatar

    Good pic. Always nice to catch one hangin’ out. We have recently found some Lady Bug “little ones” alligatoring around. Check our Flickr.

  4. Julie Avatar

    OMG! I can’t believe all of the matis activity on the blogs! I can’t find one down here in so Florida! Very frustrating…of course, we dont have these lovely green guys at all, but sort of uglier versions! LOL. I keep looking! I would name this guy “Lucky”.

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