Guerrilla Gardening

Guerrilla gardening is the act of utilizing public lots, sidewalk cracks, and public wasted space for gardening. It’s about sharing your green thumb with public by planting and maintaining neglected land. The first known case was back in 1973 in which two gardeners took over an abandoned lot and transformed it into a garden. But people have been utilizing land for hundreds of years to grow potatoes, tomatoes, and anything else you can think of. I recently spotted an example of guerrilla gardening at my work. Normally, it’s just a barren patch of land under the olive trees but recently I’ve been spotting a large vine. My suspicions were confirmed when I came by the other day and found not one but two pumpkins growing. I’m kicking myself for not thinking of it myself. I had some squash seeds I couldn’t utilize and I gave them away.

Guerrilla Gardening Stories and Links

Start Your Movement: Starting Your Own Guerrilla Movement

The Tricks of the Trade: Seed Bombs

Pro-Guerrilla Gardening: Great article on city gardening movement.

Anti-Guerrilla Gardening: An article on a man in Boulder, Colorado, and how he is being cited for his hard work.

Weburbanist: Another great example of Guerrilla Gardening, I love the flowers under the grate.

Le Blog Exuberance: Examples of using Native plants for public gardening.






7 responses to “Guerrilla Gardening”

  1. Chris Avatar

    That is awesome.

    Katie and I have been talking about finding some places here that the city waters and planting fruit trees or squash there. If they are going to waste water on bare dirt I might as well get something out of it.

  2. James Avatar

    I have heard of this a lot lately, makes you want to do it yourself that is for sure.

    Time to go scout out some lots…

  3. Katie Avatar

    Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome
    That’s really cool. Sometimes I think we live in the wrong city.

    Thanks for all of the gg links.

  4. nkristis Avatar

    Chris that sounds like a great idea, just let me know where and I’ll help you guys with the “harvesting”.

    James and Katie: That’s what I was thinking, I almost did that with my left over sunflower seeds. I still may do something when it’s closer to fall.

  5. robj Avatar

    Thanks on the GG links. Wish I could find a spot to do one in my city. I love civil disobedience gone gardening

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  7. […] writes about Guerilla Gardening, as Pete mixes potatoes and […]

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