Eggplant is a Big Tease

This lovely little flower is from my Eggplant. It’s been producing pretty purple flowers all summer long. They flash their pretty purple petals only to drop off and die a few days later. In fact this particular flower has already has fallen off the plant. I think I might be overwatering so I’ve adjusted the irrigation system. There’s two more new flowers flirting with the idea of becoming eggplants we shall see if they are just teasing me like the others.







2 responses to “Eggplant is a Big Tease”

  1. Sandy (Momisodes) Avatar

    I had no idea eggplant did this!

    Hope they turn out 🙂

  2. nkristis Avatar

    Yeah, me too. I spoke to someone who grew them in the past and they didn’t have this problem. The plant looks healthy though so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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