Last week I avoided the garden because of the smoke and poor air quality. This weekend I found a lot of little surprises.

Jalapeno: We used our first one in our homemade salsa this weekend. I’m going to need a good jalapeno popper recipe because this plant is very vigorous.


Green Bell Pepper: Here is the first of the Green Bell peppers. I harvested the seeds from last years plants. I’m very proud of these little guys.

First Bell Pepper

Meyer Lemon: This is the best fruit tree ever. With the price of food skyrocketing it nice to be able to grow some of my own fruit. According to this report, lemons have gone up 155%!

Meyer Lemons

I am the most excited about this plant. It’s the first of the heirloom tomatoes. These have been growing like weeds but without any fruit that is until this weekend. After giving away so many tomato seedlings I was really worried I had given everyone duds. It’s nice to know that will have delicious, ugly heirloom tomatoes soon.


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