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We went up to Nevada City and camped at Scott Flatt Lake last weekend. It’s about an hour away from where we live and about ten degrees cooler. We able to escape that weekend’s triple digit heat but just barely. However, the hot weather was great for heating up the lake water. We spent the majority of the time just sitting on the edge of the water with an icy beverage and then floating on our little rafts on the lake. The evening was beautiful we just sat at the lake and looked at the countless stars.


There was only one problem and it’s been a common theme with our camping adventures this year. This was our third attempt at camping and we thought we were safe from the erratic weather that attacked us the first two times. This time we were armed with a new water proof tent and with the knowledge that the weather reports said it was just going to be a typical hot and sunny June day. Then on Saturday there was a sudden cloud cover. Then thunder boomed and crackled over our heads. When the skies just opened up and poured rain and then giant hale. We made a mad dash to our tent where we took cover from the rain. The storm passed over almost as quickly as it arrived. Within an hour boats were back out on the lake and people were back on the shore.

IMG_4793.JPG (Here’s a photo of the hale)

While I enjoyed the brief moment of rain and thunder. The freak lightening storms actually struck very dry areas of California. We were saddened to hear that over a 1,000 fires had been created as a result of the lightening. They are still battling the fires even a week later.







5 responses to “Camping Adventure”

  1. Katie Avatar

    You got to actually feel rain?? What did it feel like? Was it wet? Did it cover the ground?

    Seriously though, the fires that came from those storms are not good news, but I’m glad to hear that it did drop rain somewhere. You lucky duck!

  2. Daphne Gould Avatar

    Yes you need the boy scouts motto when you got camping. Be prepared. We go camping every year. The worst weather we had was when a tornado came within a mile or two of the campground. A tent is of course no protection at all in such situations. We chose the car since at least we were safe from the lightning.

  3. nkristis Avatar

    Kate- The rain was divine the best part was how nice everything smelled afterwards. I could have done without the hale though. The fires concern me a great deal I hope they catch a break soon.

  4. walk2write Avatar

    Ah, yes, camping. You have proven me wrong. I just commented to my husband yesterday that nobody camps in tents anymore (as we rounded a campground in an Illinois state park looking for a hiking trail). I’m convinced that if people would only give up their cushy lifestyles and experience the outdoors in its true state, the world would be a better place, or at least a more pragmatic one. ;>)

  5. Shala Avatar

    That water is beautiful! Here in Texas our lake water is as brown as it can get. I hate to hear about the fires but I am glad that you got some rain.

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