It’s Too Darn Hot! Update on Coconut Coir Vs. Jiffy Peat

I tried a month ago I tried to grow some new seedlings. I started with six seedlings using coconut coir medium and my remaining six jiffy peat pellets. After two weeks only two of the jiffy pellets had developed seedlings while the coconut coir developed five. I did notice that the coconut was less likely to grow algae and it maintained it’s moisture levels better than the jiffy pots. Unfortunately, it’s just too hot to grow seedlings and continue my little contest. I grow under lights in my garage which is not climate controlled. This past week was in over 100 degree weather and most of the plants just wilted in the heat. I’ll postpone this until the fall when it’s cooler. I’ll be eager to start on my onions, lettuce, and other winter and spring plants. In the meantime check out my bachelor buttons.

Bachelor Buttons






2 responses to “It’s Too Darn Hot! Update on Coconut Coir Vs. Jiffy Peat”

  1. Sandy (Momisodes) Avatar

    I never knew bachelor button was it’s name 🙂 So pretty! I love that color. 100F degrees? Eek! hope it cools off a bit for you soon.

  2. Elaine Avatar

    Lovely photo of this blue beauty.

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