The First of the Tomatoes! Gardening Challenging Update

Weather wise it’s been pretty miserable over here. Spring is officially over and it’s jumped into a major heat wave. Not only that but the triple digit weather is being paired with strong, dry wind which is terrible for people like me with allergies. My garden is the one of the few things that make me excited about the next few months. The vegetables and herbs are gleefully soaking up all the sunshine and heat. My herbs and tomatoes are thriving, my eggplant is starting to form it’s first flower, and I now have two cucumbers growing on the vine.

Basil: This is my first official harvest of genovese basil which we have used is sauces, pizza, and salads. I have also tried some purple basil in one of my salads and it gives it a spicy basily kick to a plain salad. Unfortunately, the Thai basil never really took off after being transplanted.
First Basil Harvest

More than anything I am thrilled about the new tomatoes. Every two days I spot new ones and I can’t help but get a little giddy about the upcoming months. I’ll be even happier if I can make friends with someone with a pool.









5 responses to “The First of the Tomatoes! Gardening Challenging Update”

  1. Simon Avatar

    Yeah, the heat is nasty (glad the A/C is fixed now)! But the fresh salad has been a great treat and pesto is just around the corner ๐Ÿ™‚ I must have patience for tomatoes! Its just that we’ve been had them growing for months now ๐Ÿ™

  2. Garrett Avatar

    Hopefully next year I’ll be as far along as you are by this time a year. lol. I had my first tomato a couple weeks ago. It was sooo sweet. YUM! My cucumber plants are still in the seedling stage. That’s all I’m growing. My lettuce and greens died on me V_V. I don’t think i’ll be able to grow and keep track of more than that without an automatic irrigation system. Can’t wait till next year!

  3. Elaine Avatar

    The basil and tomatoes look wonderful. Mmmm…. the tasty sauces you will be able to make. Compensation for suffering through the heat. I’m not much of a heat-seeker myself but I’m glad we are heading into a couple of days of higher temps where I live, too. The herbs and veggies need it. But oh, my poor sweet peas. I hope they survive.

    I hope you don’t wilt. Sorry to hear you have allergies. Not fun ๐Ÿ™

  4. LetsPlant Avatar

    Your tomatoes and Basil look wonderful!! I just recieved a bunch of Basil seeds today! I can’t wait, I love the smell of fresh Basil!!

  5. nkristis Avatar

    Simon- Yes! I’m so glad the A/C was fixed before this crazy, hot weekend. I know I need to find some insta-grow tomatoes for next year.

    Garrett- Thanks, the lemon cucumber sound good I think I’m going to try them next year. I was trying to maintain a constant flow of lettuce but my recent seedlings died in this intense heat. I’m going to try again when it’s closer to fall.

    Elaine: Thanks! My allergies will be fine once the wind dies down. It’s just combo that makes them difficult. The gardening sounds great. My sweet pea has wilted I’m sad to report. Will have to try again in the fall.

    Let’s Plant: Thanks, I agree the smell of Basil is amazing.

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