A Case of the Munchies

We dog sat our friend’s Jack Russel Terrier this past weekend. Her favorite activities were barking at the larger dogs, chasing a bright red plastic ball, and snacking on our mint plants. I didn’t mind since it’s not dangerous for pets and the mint can always use a trim.







4 responses to “A Case of the Munchies”

  1. Philip Avatar

    So cute! Yes, mint does need a trim. My mint is way out of control, but I love it. It would not be a garden without mint! This plant is so great for tea isn’t it? By the way, I love your scipt on your blog. And everything about it.
    Best Regards,

  2. Julie Avatar

    What a sweet picture!!!

  3. Julie Avatar

    Probably helped with doggy breath!!!

  4. Garrett Avatar

    If only I could get mint to grow! My dog probably wouldn;t be interested…he just lays there and sighs all the time. lol.

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