Here are one of my sunflowers. This one in particular is working on growing it’s huge flower. This is a Mammoth sunflower and it’s expected to be over 8 feet tall with large flowers. If all goes well the flower will bloom and when it dies it will create delicious sunflower seeds.







7 responses to “Sunflowers”

  1. Philip Avatar

    Your photography is incredible. I love sunflowers.

  2. Jenny Avatar

    Oh, how fun! My sunflowers haven’t even emerged from the ground yet (well, they may have after today’s rain–I haven’t had a chance to check). When the seeds start to form, do make sure you watch for birds. The birds around my garden loved my sunflowers, and they were stripped clean before I thought the seeds could possibly be ripe.

  3. LetsPlant Avatar

    I have planted some too but they do not look near as good as yours do!! Great pictures, very detailed!! I added you to my blogroll so I wouldn’t forget to come back!! Keep me posted! lol!!!

  4. Sabina Avatar

    You are so far ahead of me. I can’t wait for my sunflowers to look like this!! Really wonderful photos.

  5. Kristi Avatar

    Thanks everyone, I was warned by neighbors that you have to start early in our area. Yesterday one of the small hybrid ones started to bloom. I’ll be posting pictures soon.

  6. Sandy (Momisodes) Avatar

    8 feet!? Whoa! I’ve seen those in pics, but never up close. Can’t wait to see more!

  7. Philip Avatar

    Sunflowers were the first plant I had as a child, about age 5. This plant started me on gardening.
    I look forward to your future posts!!! 🙂

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