Wow, these guys took forever to bloom. I pretty much had given up on them, when at the last minute I transplanted them from their comfy pots into the ground. Now they are ready to bloom. This is my first year trying to grow Freesia. It comes in multiple colors. The first batch to bloom are these red and yellow flowers but it looks like I’ll be getting some other colors soon.






10 responses to “Freesia”

  1. Julie Avatar

    Oh wow…this is beautiful…and my fav color as well! Happy Earth Day!

  2. Chara Michele Avatar

    Love the colors of this one!

  3. our friend Ben Avatar

    Freesias rank in my top-five flowers. What a heavenly scent!!!! Sweet and peppery at the same time, absolutely unlike anything else. (Though I’ve found that the reds aren’t as fragrant as the other colors, so if their fragrance doesn’t live up to this description, wait for your other colors to open up.) Lucky, lucky you to have some blooming!!!

  4. ambika Avatar

    Can I just say that these are jaw-dropping gorgeous? The colors are so beautiful. And given that I’ve attempted sustaining a few very basic plants in the past, I have to say the title of your blog isn’t very accurate. I mean, gardening is *very much* a craft and God knows I can’t keep even an ivy alive past 6 months.

  5. nkristis Avatar

    Thanks everyone!

  6. Sandy (Momisodes) Avatar

    I’ve never seen this color freesia. So pretty! I adore the scent of freesia 🙂

  7. cindee Avatar

    Beautiful!! I love them too!! They smell sooooooo wonderful!!!!

  8. andrea Avatar

    I love the color! So beautiful and springy!

  9. nkristis Avatar

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

    Ben: I did notice that the white and yellow freesia are slightly more potent.

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