Spring Roses


Our roses are starting to bloom. Here are a few photos of the recent flowers. Now if I could just get rid of all of the aphids they attract. I settled on just shooting them off with a good spray of water. But they magically return in great numbers.



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  • I’m ashamed of it, but I have to go all chemical on the aphids. The last year I didn’t, they actually killed a really big (and gorgeous) Joseph’s Coat. I’m still trying to get it’s replacement big enough to cover the wall.

  • Oh, they are beautiful! Aphids? Hope for more lady bugs and wasps. We had aphids in our ivy on the house. Wasps were all over them and kept the numbers down some what. I didn’t care about the ivy, but if I’d had roses with them, I would have been upset for sure. I’ve never had the vigor and strength needed to do all that spraying and other tasks roses require. So, I doubly enjoy looking at those of others. Thank you for the photos.

  • I love the beautiful pictures of your plants!

    I have had success using banana peels around the base of my plants. It took two days and all the aphids left my plants.


  • Sandy: Thanks!

    Burgh Baby- you know what works great is insect soap which is non-toxic. Even my mom who is not an organic gardener says it’s the best thing to use. You can also try a few drops of dishwasher soap such as Ivory or Dr. Bonners just be careful not to use detergent soap as it will burn the plants.

    Barbee: I’m very tempted to buy lady bugs at the local hardware store. I’m so enthused about wasps but I do get a good amount of those too. I didn’t know they liked aphids.

    Chara and Melinda: Thank you

    Dave: I haven’t tried banana peels. I test out the theory that growing garlic around you plants repels aphids. That didn’t work there are even aphids on the garlic stalks.

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