Plants on Ebay?

I just learned about this on Shelterrific. Apparently, you can buy plants on Ebay. This one is a a succulent collection consisting of a mix of twenty different cuttings. All of those colors and textures look so great together. Another reason for me to expand on my succulent collection.
The current bid however is up to $40.00 which is a little out of my price range.







5 responses to “Plants on Ebay?”

  1. Sandy (Momisodes) Avatar

    wow! $40 is a bit steep. Those look succulents look lovely though. When I lived in California, I bought many of my succulents from garage sales and craigslist. It’s amazing how many people want to sell their plants 🙂

  2. Hanna Avatar

    I read that post on shelteriffic too! Its funny because I had sort of stopped reading it but accidently clicked on it in my favorites. I ended up ordering some oxalis triangularis because of it… 4 plants for around $13 with shipping. So funny because I was trying really hard to find it at places online and never considered looking on ebay.

  3. Nancy Bond Avatar

    The price isn’t so bad; it’s the shipping cost that always makes them doubly expensive. It is a really nice selection!

  4. Priscilla Avatar

    I have purchases a few seeds from Ebay. Last year I purchased some 4 fan of unknown daylilies a dollar each. You can find some good deals but also some things that rip you off. Just got to pick and choose. I haven’t ordered anything from any ebay sellers for awhile. Now I’ll need to go and see if anything is interesting.

  5. nkristis Avatar

    Sandy: I think Craigslist and garage sales sound like a great idea and I don’t have to deal with pricey shipping charges.

    Hanna: That’s so funny, what a small world. I do think these are a lovely collection.

    Nancy: You have a very good point. Shipping is what keeps me from buying a lot of things on line.

    Priscilla: Ebay is notorious for ripping people off but some people are very lucky and repeatedly find great stuff. I’m just not sure that I have the patience for Ebay.

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