New Flowers


This is the first flower on the Robert Johnson Tobacco plant. I received the seeds from the wintersown organization. I would have never thought to grow tobacco in my backyard. I am growing as an ornamental and I don’t plan on harvesting it. I was intrigued by it’s description and because it was named after the famous blues man Robert Johnson. Robert Johnson was a legendary blues guitarist and the rumor was that he sold his soul to the devil for his music ability. His music also had themes about voodoo and the occult. You would think that someone with such a past would have a park crimson or deep purple flower but surprisingly his namesake has small delicate pink flowers.


5 thoughts on “New Flowers”

  • WOW…I have never seen this before…how beautiful, and a great story also! It is such a delicate, and unusual bloom. I love it!

  • This looks *so* unreal. Have I missed an overview shot of your garden? I imagine the whole thing is fantastic, it’d be lovely to see it all at once.

    Of course, I’m giving away my lack of gardening know-how as I imagine everything blooms at different times…

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