Unusual Baby Items

I currently have two pregnant sisters. One is due in June and she is having a girl and the other is due in October. This will be my third and fourth niece and nephew in less than two years. Needless to say I’m tired of giving the same old standard baby items. I found a few edgier baby outfits. Some are a little more controversial than others.

My Retro Baby– had some cute themed outfits with stylish images. I liked this Tiki baby one.


BabyWit had some cool artistic and rock and roll baby outfits. The artist in me liked the Frida Kahol.


But the music lover in me loved the Jimmi Hendrex and Bob Marley t-shirts.



I’m sure none of these people thought there image would be projected on baby clothes thirty or so years after they passed away. But hey babies need culture.






3 responses to “Unusual Baby Items”

  1. Julie Avatar

    TIKI TOT…how cute! I may be having my 2nd granddaughter in Sept. (will find out the sex on this coming Friday, hopefully)…it should be fun with all this cute stuff out there!!!

  2. Lotus Avatar

    As a new mom, one thing I really love having is baby leg warmers! If it’s just barely cool, I just use them and it makes changing diapers much easier since I don’t have to fuss with pulling pants on and off. When it gets colder, they great for adding warmth. I really like the babylegs and poogies. They both have cute styles.

    You already sound like you’re on your way to being the “cool” aunt 🙂

  3. Teresa Avatar

    Ohmygosh! So cute! I definitely like the Jimmy Hendrix and Bob Marley ones. Thanks for the link, checked it out and I saw the aerosmith vintage rock piece. Cuteness!

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