Thrifty Gardening

I live in a small college town where people have to move year to year. As a result our local thrift store has some great household and gardening items. I always check there first when I’m looking for new pots. I’ve really been very lucky in the past year. Last year I bought four different Orchid pots which are quite expensive at the garden stores. Yesterday I found a new one, a gorgeous, huge red one. I’ll have to get a monster of an orchid to fill this one.
Red Orchid Pot from Thrift Store

I’ve also found a number of terra cotta planters for all of my numerous seedlings. A word of caution if you are going to reuse pots make sure you sterilize them by washing them in a bleach and water solution. You can also wash in a more eco-friendly hydrogen peroxide water mixture. You don’t want any dormant critters to eat up your new plants.

My boyfriend and I watch WinelibaryTV on a daily basis. It’s a wine podcast and we’ve found some many new wines and deals by watching it. The host often refers to his large tasting glass as the “Big Ass Wine Glass”. When I saw this giant wine glass at the thrift store I knew I had to buy it for my boyfriend. The package boasts that you can put an entire bottle of wine in this one glass.

Big Ass Wine glass Ala Winlibrary tv from Thrift store

I also found this little itty-bitty incense holder. I had to get it because it was an owl. Owls always remind me of my grandmother who was an avid collector. She had jewelry, figurines, towels, macrame, you name it she had it. This looks like something she would have added to her collection.

Incense Holder Thrift Store






5 responses to “Thrifty Gardening”

  1. Julie Avatar

    Oh I love thrift store finds! Love the owl!!!

  2. our friend Ben Avatar

    Thrift store finds are definitely the best! You just never know what you’re going to find there…

  3. Crafty Gardener Avatar

    I’m a thrifty person too, and love hunting for treasures in second hand stores or garage sales. You sure found a lovely pot there.

  4. Angie Avatar

    Cool finds!

  5. Chara Michele Avatar

    Some neat finds! 🙂

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