Apparently My Garden Needs More Googley Eyes

This is the best sketch from last week’s Saturday Night Live, Christopher Walken as the terrified gardener.






4 responses to “Apparently My Garden Needs More Googley Eyes”

  1. Julie Avatar

    OMG!!! I was laughing so hard!

  2. Joy Avatar

    This was too funny to believe .. I absolutely love it !!!
    Thank you for my morning “spit-my-coffee-out-from-laughing- so-dam -hard” )OOPS!! .. the monitor !

  3. mss @ Zanthan Gardens Avatar

    I could send Mr. Peeps to visit you. He accompanied us Spring Flingers last weekend. I didn’t see the video on YouTube until yesterday. Hysterical. Now I know why my cactus has googly eyes.

  4. Garrett S. Avatar

    LOL!! “Now they’re DIRT eyes” lmao.
    Omg, Imagine how scary it would be to have glow in the dark googley eyes all over your garden and to see them at night…

    have you seen this?

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