Growers Challenge Update


My vegetables and herbs are all planted. I’ve given away the majority of my extra tomato plants. My office is actually have a silent auction for a charity so I’m going to be donating the remainder of the plants to them. Now I’m dealing with the hardest part of gardening which is the waiting. I know it’s only April but seriously can’t these guys grow any faster. I want fresh pesto and salsa.

Here is my cucumber plant. This is the second year that I’m attempting to grow cucumber. Last year’s batch was under pollinated which lead to small, deformed inedible fruit. This year looks a little more promising.


I’m growing Bright Lights Swiss Chard for the first time this year. I’ve never tasted swiss chard but people either hate it or love it. All my sources say that regardless of taste they love the colors.

Swiss Chard

I’m also growing various lettuce varieties for the first time. I’m growing Black Seeded Simpson,Merveille des Quartre Seasons Lettuce, and Grand Rapids Tipburn Resistant lettuce. They are on the verge of being ready for a juicy salad.

Simpson Bibb Lettuce

Then there are the tomatoes. Five out of the six are doing great. There is one that appears to be struggling but I’m hoping it will turn around. I think I’m the most impatient about the tomatoes. There’s nothing like a freshly grown tomato the store bought ones just don’t compare.

Tomato flower






2 responses to “Growers Challenge Update”

  1. Julie Avatar

    I agree with you on the taste of homegrown tomatoes…I also liked the taste of my homegrown brocolli!
    Good luck with all your vegies!

  2. Jenny Avatar

    Those all look gorgeous!

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