Simon's Daisy

This is the very difficult to find Blue Marguerite daisy. It’s one of my boyfriend’s favorites. It has these pretty blue purple petals, it handles our hot summer weather and it blooms continuously into the fall. We didn’t realize until last year how rare it had become. We searched store after store last year looking for this hardy flower but without any luck. Internet searches left us empty handed. We found yellow and pink version of the plant but we couldn’t find the blue ones. We feared that it had become extinct in some kind of wierd global warming incident. Imagine my suprise when I went to Home Depot for some potting soil and came across these little guys. We bought two plants and put them next to the African Daisies where they are settling in nicely.







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  1. Katie Avatar

    I found ours at OSH last June.
    And now I finally know the real name of this plant!

  2. nkristis Avatar

    That’s funny, because we checked our local OSH, Homedepot, Red Barn Nursery, Ace, etc and nothing, zip, zilch. I guess we need to drive up to Folsom next time we are seeking out a specific plant. You must get the good ones. 😉

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