My Neighbor’s Tulips

I spotted these in my neighbor’s yard and had to take a picture.


I’m sure they think I’m a bit of wierdo.

6 thoughts on “My Neighbor’s Tulips”

  • Those are amazing looking! I know nothing about gardening, but those don’t look like ordinary tulips… Do they have to do something special to get them to look like that?

  • I think anyone who saw you making over their tulips that are obviously amazing…would be pleased!!!
    These are really something else!!!!!

  • Thanks everyone.

    Chara: I believe that this a particular variety of tulip. I’m noticing my neighbors have quite a few different types of tulips. After I bought my stash of tulip bulbs I found a local nursery that sells a wide variety of different tulips. I’m going to have to remember to go there next fall.

    Jodi: Thanks for solving the mystery. I agree the name doesn’t do the flowers justice.

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