Making Anagrams

Here is a fun link that enables you make anagrams out of anything. Here are some of the anagrams for Notsocrafty
Factory Snot
Craft Snooty
Farts Tycoon
Cyans of Tort

Here are the anagrams for my name the majority of my list had either shit or tits in the phrase (who knew Kristi was such unclassy anagram name).
Hi Risk Mitts
Him Risk Tits
Mirth Kiss It

Try it let me know what you come up with.

4 thoughts on “Making Anagrams”

  • LOL! That was so much fun 🙂 I entered in Momisodes and got these as some of the results:

    Dimes Moos
    Missed Moo
    Mooed Miss
    Dims Moose
    Doom Semis
    Mood Semis
    Dooms Semi
    Moods Semi
    Ed Miss Moo
    Die Mom Sos

  • Well, I like “hen fry jeans” for my shortened name and “Ninja flasher fee jeer” for the full version. (Most of them weren’t much fun…it’s the two Js that troubled it, I think.)

  • I entered “A Succulent Life” and got:
    1. Cactus Fuel Line
    2. A Succulent File
    3. Cacti Ensue Full
    4. Lunatics Ensue Full

    Pretty cool…especially the Cactus ones!!!

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