More Spring Bulbs

Today is one of those blustery days that make it impossible to do any real gardening despite all of the sunshine.
I did manage to take some pictures of the new flowers. A new Daffodil popped up just as the other started to fade.


Next year I think I’ll more selective with my bulbs. While I think the red and purple tulips are lovely I do miss having yellow and orange tulips like last year. It’s especially puzzling because I used last year’s tulip bulbs and variety packs from the store.








6 responses to “More Spring Bulbs”

  1. ambika Avatar

    These colors are astonishing. I’d love to find something to convey these colors in something–jewelry, fabric, something. They’re too gorgeous not to.

  2. Julie Avatar

    Oh …these are so beautiful. I like the red the best…but I agree yellow daffodils, and anything yellow or orange (my fav colors) is so lovely!!! I keep wondering if any particular bulb would do much here in south Fla. I need to investigate…

  3. Romeika Avatar

    Gorgeous pictures, it makes one dream of spring.

  4. Katie Avatar

    Pretty bulbs! I can’t wait for this wind to be over!

  5. Angie Avatar

    Those are wonderful!

  6. Chara Michele Avatar

    Those flowers are so lovely!

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