Lil Orphaned Christmas Cactus


I was walking to work the other day when I spotted a discarded Christmas Cactus. It was just laying there amongst the yard waste. It was a little worse for wear. I assume the individual who had owned it just threw it out when it stopped blooming. I snatched it up and took it home with me. I’ve seen these plants before but had no idea how to care for them. I was actually suprised to read that these plants are more like orchids than cactus. They also seem to be a little picky about their environment much like an orchid. They are found in moist shady forrests and not in dry desert environments like traditional succulants.

Christmas Cactus

Watering : They do best in moist airated soil. But becareful not to overwater.

Light : They do best in bright artificial light. Sunlight may cause the leaves to burn.

FloweringThey need to be root bound to force themselves to flower. Also they tend to bloom during the cooler months. Hence why they are so popular during the Christmas holidays.

I cleaned him off the best that I could and potted him in a pot I had in the garage. Viola, I have new office plant.

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3 responses to “Lil Orphaned Christmas Cactus”

  1. our friend Ben Avatar

    Awwww… how great that you were able to save such a delightful little plant from destruction! I’ve grown Christmas cacti pretty much all my life, and they’re easy, rewarding, and reliable. Enjoy your new friend!

  2. Jenny Avatar

    What a great find! I have one, a passalong from my dad (bright magenta flowers–I’ll be interested to know what color yours are; I have a friend with a peach-blossoming one I want to trade cuttings with). I’ve treated it like I would a regular cactus–in the sunniest windowsill, water only very occasionally–and it’s done pretty well for me, so it may not be as picky as all that.

  3. nkristis Avatar

    Thanks guys, it’s nice to hear that they are easier to maintain than I originally thought. I moved the plant to my office where hopefully it will enjoy the artificial lights and bloom next winter. I’m really curious to see what colors the flowers will be.

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