They Have Potential

I finally had a chance to pot the bare root trees from Arbor Day Foundation. Now they have no excuse not to grow and bloom and become the big trees in the catalog.

Planting Bare Root Trees in Pots

1. Soak in water for at least 6-8 hours. I actually let them soak for twenty four hours.
2. Find the right containers. I picked black plastic because they retain heat and moisture better than the large peat pots or clay.
3. Prepare your soil. You can prepare your own or buy high grade soil.
4. Pour soil mixture and create a mound to rest the roots and branch upon.
5. Pour the remaining dirt making sure not to bury the graft union.
6. Add a layer of mulch and water gently.

I now have eleven pots of potential trees. I’ve placed them in a shady spot and I’ll be patiently waiting for them to wake up and start growing.


4 thoughts on “They Have Potential”

  • Hope your trees grow! What kind of trees are they? I’m going to look at the Arbor Day Foundation web site –thanks!

    I bought blackberry and raspberry roots like that last year and only one of four grew — a raspberry bush.

    All your bulbs, and the basil, in the pictures below look fantastic! No bulbs growing heare as yet — they just beginning to come up, and I can’t plant for another two months –so frustrating!

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