Growers Challenge

A few weeks ago I joined Elements in Time’s Growing Challenge. Here are the rules to the challenge.

1. You must grow one additional type of fruit or vegetable than last year from seed.
2. You must post about your garden at least once a week.

This year I am growing the following new vegetables and fruits.

1. Eggplant -Black Beauty
2. Green Bell pepper
3. Jalapeno peppers
4. Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce
5. Grand Rapids lettuce
6. Rainbow Swiss Chard
7. Thai Basil
8. Purple Siam Basil
9. Large Leaf Basil
10. Parsley
11. Oregano
12. Several different varieties of tomatoes.
13. Correnta Spinach (claims to be slow to bolt)

I grew these from seed last year and well be trying to grow them this year as well.

1. Cucumbers (I grew a plant last year but the mice go to the fruit before I did)
2. Genovese Basil (I grew four of these last year and we used them throughout the summer)
3. Merveille des Quartre Seasons (Four Seasons Lettuce)- I grew this in the fall and I have started (possibly to late) another set for the spring.
4. Bloomsdale spinach
5. Catalina Spinach (baby spinach) I am going to attempt to grow another batch of this even though prior attempts quickly bolted.
Spinach before they where chopped and eaten

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