Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether single or in a relationship I hope you have a great day. I placed the above photograph in a local art show. The John Natsoulas Gallery is having a “Heart Show”. The show includes works from local artists in various price ranges that revolve around the the heart theme. My boyfriend contributed two pastel drawings. The owner was nice enough to let me contribute my photograph. I’m just excited that something of mine is hanging up at a gallery.






2 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. Connie Avatar

    Nice heart display…. from nature! I posted a photo on my blog of
    a sunflower which grew in a heart shape, it was so cool!

  2. nkristis Avatar

    Thanks! I just checked out your sunflower and it’s very pretty. A photographer at the show had an interesting shot with a tulip where the base of tulip petal had a formed a heart. I thought that was interesting as well.

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