Birthday Flowers

Simon's Birthday Flowers

Last week was my boyfriend’s birthday. My day was filled with a maddening search for tiramisu (I ended up empty handed and bought a delicious chocolate mousse cake) and scrambling to get a pretty but manly birthday bouquet. The grocery store had some of the ugliest bouquets. I am not sure if they were assembled for the super bowl? I decided to create my own bouquet out of big, white gerber daisies and pretty lavendar pom pom flowers. We went to the melting pot for his birthday dinner. The place was almost empty which just added to the relaxing atmosphere. It was just hours of slowly eating and enjoying various food throughout the night. This isn’t the place for a quick bite. It’s the kind of place you go to if you want to spend a few hours enjoying each other’s company.






2 responses to “Birthday Flowers”

  1. Angie Avatar

    Pretty photo, I hope he had a nice birthday!

  2. dan Avatar

    Those are gorgeous birthday flowers.

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