He Huffed and Puffed and Blew the Fence Down

After gardening all day in the rain and then eating that delicious hearty dinner. We were tired and where just settling down to watch some movies. The wind had now graduated to a full storm and the house was creaking and the trees where swaying outside. On nights like these I’m happy to settle on the couch with a down blanket and a hot drink. Our peaceful evening was interrupted by our dog who kept insisting on going outside only to bounce right back in. On her third trip out that’s when we noticed it, the fence had completely blown down. We made a mad dash outside and attempted to prop up the fence with whatever we had handy which included a couple of shovels and rakes. The fence itself is a heavy, double sided monster of a fence and the we were not looking forward to the expense of having it repaired. This area is also the sunniest spot in the garden and as a result that’s where the majority of plants where planted. We lost 3 mums, rose bush, possibly garlic, the recently winter sown spinach, and some other plants. The fence was repaired today and it does look a hundred percent better. Since it was double sided the hollow center of the fence had long been the home of wasps nests and mice. It’s nice to have a nice clean fence that looks a tremendously sturdier.

Storm Damage






4 responses to “He Huffed and Puffed and Blew the Fence Down”

  1. Chara Michele Avatar

    Oh my! That had to be disappointing to lose those plants & have to deal with that…

  2. Garrett S. Avatar

    That has happend to me, only..the section of the fence that keeps falling here looks like it was mangled by hurricane meanie. I loath santa ana winds… When I lift it off the ground after it gets knocked down, each time something falls off because it’s a wet mess. Now, it’s proped up and leaning on the neighbors huge rose bush.
    *evil laugh* It was that dumb rose bushes fault anyways, it’s been pushing the fence away from it for atleast a decade. Dumb rose bush… Hopefully the fence on it will kill it, I thought about throwing some plant killer over the fence. lol.

  3. nkristis Avatar

    It feels especially windy this year. We ended up replacing the whole fence since the posts were broken. The rose bush does sound evil though good luck trying to get rid of it.

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