Ode to Trader Joes

I was having a particularly bad day last week. I had to cater to some high maintenance clients. I was returning to the office after my third hour long trip when I spotted something in the horizon. It was the grocery store oasis of Trader Joe’s. Not living near a Trader Joe’s I had forgotten about all the little treasures that can be found there. I figured I needed a little break before returning to the office and I stocked up on some goodies. First off they had a wide variety of fresh cut flowers and arrangements. I settled on these huge Chrysanthemums. The flowers where so big they had little nets over each flower.

Ode To Trader Joes

I also grabbed a couple of ready made pizza doughs for a dollar, tasty Brie, fresh herbs, and some a great Prosecco which we drank later that night while decorating the tree. But the ultimate thing to get at Trader Joe’s is the croissants. Oh my goodness, I almost passed by the little box in the freezer section but I threw it in at the last minute. They are divine. You set them out the night before to let them rise and then in the morning you pop them in the oven. They are a flaky delicious breakfast with just the right amount of chocolate. They were so good the next week I drove an hour just to get three more of them. If you have one in your area you must get these. Unless, you live in Sacramento. If you live in Sacramento they are mine all mine.

Chocolate Croissants

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