Fast Food Thanksgiving?

I driving past a Kentucky Fried Chicken the other day and I was instantly repulsed. For once I wasn’t disgusted by the sickening smell of fat burning. I wasn’t even disgusted by the image of the meals in bowl (potatoes with a layer of gravy, followed by corn and gravy, and then swirled with chicken). I was revolted by the sign that said “Deep Fried Turkeys for Thanksgiving”. Eew, now I’m all for deep fried turkey. There are some great local places that sell deep fried turkeys but Kentucky Fried Chicken? Really? People you can do better than this. I promise I once spent a Thanksgiving at a Denny’s at midnight and I know that this is better than fast food deep fried turkey. Yuck.






One response to “Fast Food Thanksgiving?”

  1. Chara Michele Avatar

    I have to agree, yuck! (Although this yuck is coming from someone who will eat no turkey this thanksgiving – or any day for that matter – being a vegetarian:)

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