I did it! Tales of a Turkey Trot Survivor


I did it! I ran the 5K this morning. I thinks that’s longest time I have ever run. We finished at a respectable 36:13. Not bad considering we haven’t done any training in three weeks and we were both fighting a cold. The race wasn’t bad at all. Probably half the town was participating. There was a great buzz and excitement in the air. Neighbors held up signs and waved as we passed them by. I only had a few moments of doubt and that’s when stealthy senior citizens kept passing me by. Not to mention a father and son duo who walked the whole time but somehow beat us. How did they do that? Maybe they had wheels in their sneakers. Afterwards we loaded up on water and bought a victory chocolate croissant at the farmers market. I think running an event is easier because there is a buzz in the air and it doesn’t feel like a chore. Where as when were training I was counting the minutes and trying to con my boyfriend into walking. This was a lot more fun. I would consider doing another one.






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    Good for you!!

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