Running Out of Time

Jack in the Fall Leaves

This weekend is the 20th Annual Turkey trot. It’s a 5K run that the city holds every Saturday before Thanksgiving. I began training six weeks ago. I was so dilligent in the beginning. I printed out a Nike training guide and I followed the plan everyday. I panted all around the neighborhood and then three weeks into our training I got sick. Not the sniffles sick but the dreaded achey, head pounding flu that keeps you in bed for two days. Once I recovered I went camping in the Red Woods for a couple days. Ofcourse, I couldn’t run in the Red Woods. Haven’t you people seen Blair Witch? You end up lost with a camera way too close to your face and that’s never a good thing. Then I came back from camping to have Day Lights Savings time and now it’s dark after work. I can’t run in the dark right? Right? Now it’s four days away and well, cough I think I’m getting another cold. Yeah, sniff it’s a cold. I can’t possibly go running when it’s dark, cold and I’m sick. Can I?

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