Oil Spill in San Francisco

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This Wednesday a tanker boat drove into the bay bridge and spilled over 58,000 gallons of oil into the San Francisco Bay. At this point they have only been able to recover 8,000 gallons of oil. But experts say that it maybe a lost cause as the oil that was spilled is heavier and almost impossible to clean. So far Marin and San Francisco counties have had to close down eight beaches.
I grew up in the Bay Area and I fond memories of going to Alcatraz on field trips, to hanging out at Pier 39, or just watching the comical Sea Lions bark and laze around in the sun. It’s disturbing to think how quickly this area can be destroyed. The picture above is from our trip this summer. The SF Gate is showing this area washing up with oil filled water.

The biggest victims are the wildlife. Birds and animals are washing up dead or covered in oil as a result of the spill. We are looking into possibly volunteering to help clean up the birds.


National Geographic- “Oil Spill Threatens Wildlife”

San Francisco Chronicle- Spill Closes Bay Beaches as Oil Spreads.


UC Davis Oiled Wildlife Volunteer






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  1. andrea_frets Avatar

    I heard about the spill but did not realize how bad it was. If I were in SF, I would absolutely help clean the critters. I feel so awful when I hear about things like this.

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