Mystery flower Smith River

A few weeks ago we went camping near the Oregon border. Along the Smith River they had this small patch of flowers. I didn’t see them anywhere else in the area and they looked so out of place. I think they are beautiful. Does anyone have any guesses on what type of flower this is?

Mystery flower By the Smith River






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  1. Peggy Avatar

    I stink at naming flowers so I just call them all “pretty.”

    Thanks for the friend request on NaBloPoMo!

  2. Hanna Avatar

    Definitely some type of lily but there are so many in that family, you’d probably have to ask a horticultural person 😛

  3. Jamie Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful! What a treat to see those flowers on this very grey November day in Toronto. I too am sure they’re lilies, but beyond that all I can say is oooh, aaaah.

  4. ambika Avatar

    Gorgeous, gorgeous flowers and photos.

  5. Burgh Baby's Mom Avatar

    I’m pretty sure it’s a Belladona Amaryllis. Here’s a picture of some others

    Gorgeous photo!

  6. Chara Michele Avatar

    Wow, what pretty flowers!

  7. nkristis Avatar

    Thanks guys!
    I think Burgh Baby nailed it! Who knew they just grew out in the wild like that.

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