Cosmo Take Over


There is big debate over whether or not Cosmos are a flower to be treasured or are they a noxious weed that takes over your whole garden.
I’ve enjoyed their flowers all summer but I’m starting to see their weed like tendencies. Little seedlings are popping up everywhere. In the vegetable bed, in the tomato buckets, and in the potted plants. They are an annual so I’m just pulling the ones I don’t want and enjoying the few flowers before winter comes.






2 responses to “Cosmo Take Over”

  1. Sandy Avatar

    Ah yes, the hearty Cosmos. I planted them one year in a large planter, and I can see how they would take over a garden. We were in California during the huge fires 3 years back, and the cosmos were the only thing that survived all the soot, smoke, and debris floating around in the air. It’s a good thing they are annuals. But your pink one in the photo is beautiful…a last little glimmer from summer 🙂

  2. nkristis Avatar

    Wow, I knew they were tough but I didn’t know they could survive raging fires. I started them off in pots they wouldn’t bloom so I put them in the ground and they just spread out. They are a nice cheerful plant and they do give you a lot of flowers. I would just keep them trimmed down if you don’t want them taking over the garden.

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