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The holidays came a little early for me. As I have mentioned before I am a bit of a seed addict. I can’t help myself I see the shiny well photographed seed packet and I must buy them. In fact the downside of fall/winter is the limited planting opportunities.
That’s why I was so excite to find the website This is a program that encourages people to sow there seeds outdoors using green houses made from recycled materials. They will send you a variety of seeds for free to encourage gardeners to keep on planting thorough out the winter. The website states that it will send you six packets of seeds but I actually received double that amount. Some of them were what they called paritals and corious which where donated partial packets of seeds. All I did was send a self-addressed envelope to them and a week later I receive a fat envelope of seeds. It’s great because I received a variety of different flowers, vegetables, and plants some of which were completely foreign to me. It appears that some of the seeds where harvested by gardeners from their own plants. I should have some interesting results.

Tomato Mix (awesome)
Bachelor Buttons
Morning Glory
Robert Johnson (totally new to me, a plant named after the famous bluesman)
Pot Marigold Mix
Huskers Red Penstemon (Another new one for me)
Hollyhock Blend
Purple Coneflower (Perfect for my area)
Anise-Hyssop (Very popular in our area should be fun to try to grow)
Spider Flower (A pretty flower that I have never seen before)

I’ll keep you updated on how they turn out.

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  • Hi, another Nablopomer here. Someone commented on my blog and mentioned that they were both posting every day and visiting another nablopomer’s blog every day, which sounded like a great idea to me, so I’m going to try to do the same. I clicked on the randomizer, and here I am! 😀

    Thanks for posting about this! I was a horrible summer gardener, but it is nice to know that I could redeem myself for the winter. And I love that they are into recycled material, as well. Excellent info all around!

  • I was doing some Q&A tonight and searching the net for WS commentary and came across your blog.

    Thank you very much for posting info about WinterSown.Org and showing a picture of the seeds we share! The seeds we share do change as time goes by and a variety is exhausted, but we always try to share a mix of edibles and ornamentals–there’s always annuals and perennials and something “veggie”, and always tomatoes!


    Trudi Davidoff, Pres.
    WinterSown Educational

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