The Great Pumpkin

This weekend we took a trip to the local pumpkin patch. Originally, I was going to take the easy way out and grab a pumpkin at the grocery store but my boyfriend would not hear of it. According to him the only way to get a pumpkin is to go to one of the local farms and pick it out yourself. After going there this weekend I certainly have to agree with him. We went to Bobby Dazzler’s pumpkin patch which had pumpkins galore not to mention a corn maze to get lost in.
They had them in every conceivable shape, texture, and color from the bumpy heirloom to the smooth modern pumpkins. We settled on two large orange pumpkins and a white one. (I’ve heard white pumpkins have tastier seeds so look out for our taste test)

Creepy Heirloom Pumpkin

They also had a ton of gourds and squashes. They were all shapes and sizes. Below is one of my favorites it almost looks like a snake.

Snakey Gourd

If you haven’t bought your pumpkin for this holiday it’s not to late. Check out Pumpkin Patches and More for a national site of pumpkin patches. You will be able to fine one in your area.






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    I saw your pics of the pumpkins at Bobby Dazzlers. I would love to use the picture you have of the big pumpkins. If that is okay with you please email me at

    Thank You
    Bobby Dazzler’s Pumpkin Patch

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